Read It All Up® will be a searchable, interactive resource for a fun, rewarding, and delicious activity we discovered with our kids:
reading our favorite books while eating the food in the stories.

It is also an in-school and after-school enrichment program to help kids not only learn to read but LOVE to read.

to help kids discover the joy in reading and eating right. We realize two of the biggest gifts we can give children are:

a love of exploring the world through books, and...
a fun approach to healthy (and more adventurous) eating.

We found combining the two takes the "Do I have to?" out of reading, and the "I don't want to!" out of eating healthy food. Instead, we're serving up an irresistible way to engage kids in luscious storytelling that will inspire them to enjoy a lifelong passion for books and good food.

In a pilot program at Philip's Academy Charter School in Newark, N.J., students devoured books featuring pancakes, beans, apples and peas, and poems about plums, ginger, and salt. Literally tasting the words triggered profoundly personal connections we explored in post-reading discussion. School educators were thrilled with the students' sustained reading focus and enthusiastic engagement in discussion. We are SEEKING FUNDING to expand the program to other schools and community centers.

Your friends at Read It All Up®

will put beloved classics and newly commissioned children's stories - and the foods they feature - right at your fingertips, along with "how-to" activity kits customized for parents and educators.

yummy classics like Bread and Jam for Frances, and Blueberries for Sal, and and rich curriculum-friendly titles like Lucky Beans and Freedom on the Menu. We'll help you make the reading experience leap off the page and into the kitchen with family-fun activities, tips, resources, recipes, contests and much, much more.

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